Meet Ambassador Leo Rodgers

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Meet Ambassador Leo Rodgers

Leo Rodgers may wear our gear with more panache than anyone else we’ve met. His approach to cycling, his personal style, and the way he lives his life while uplifting others... we just wanted to be a part of it. We’re proud to have Leo represent us as part of The New Outdoor™; get to know him below and you’ll see why.

Well to start, I am Leo Rodgers: Bicycle Advocate, Bicycle Mechanic and Dad coming to you originally from the Tampa Bay area but currently residing in Orange County, CA.

I started working with Topo Designs a few years ago with Team Brooks Cool Breeze. Topo supported the team, helping give us a look and feel you may not normally experience in cycling-related events. With their support I was able to ride in some of the largest gravel races around which really helped put my personal story on a bigger platform.

Since then, Topo has continued to support me - always keeping me looking fresh with gear that provides durability and utility through crazy huge gravel races or just shredding on the street. Like the Rule of 3 race in Bentonville, AR. This was a 100-mile race over gravel, singletrack and asphalt. It was wet, muddy and raining through the race which put that race near the top most difficult for me so far and pushed me to my limits. For that one I wore Topo’s Cargo Pants, slightly modified for me, by me, and kept it simple with a Cosmos Tee. It wasn’t just for looks. The feel, durability and utility of the outfit really complemented the conditions. A little dirt don’t hurt! Everything washed up fine the next day.

Biking for me brings a sense of freedom for so many reasons. I want my bike, I want my music while I am riding, and I think people have started to know me to have a sort of style to go with that. Part of that freedom to do what I want and look the way I want… it’s about being comfortable with who you are.

Working with Topo really helps boost that, not only with the style of outdoor wear but their values as a company. When talking about using cycling as a force for good I personally think I have some influence for getting people on bikes while giving some motivation to get out and overcome challenges and roadblocks. That all comes from an inclusive place, the idea that this is for anyone. We all come from different places, races and walks of life.

The New Outdoor is something that really connected with me and my mission to influence and encourage others. Aligning with sponsors and supporters with common values is a special thing. It takes a village and we all need to come together to build a community and support each other and that is what’s happening here.

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Get to know Leo even better by following him on Instagram at @slimone1000.