Meet Team Brooks Cool Breeze

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Meet Team Brooks Cool Breeze

We asked our friend Ronnie (@UltraRomance) to write a few words about the cycling crew he helped create, the artful journey and why he brought us along for the ride.

Using "the largest gravel race in the world" as a canvas, Team Brooks Cool Breeze is less of a cycling team and more of a mobile performance art installation (that happens to competitively cycle), that uses the hardware and stylings of small brands as mediums and inspiring athletes as a canvas.

Team Brooks Cool Breeze is supported by Crust Bikes, Velocity Wheels, Umbraz sunglasses, Team Dream, and of course, Topo Designs. The mission of our team is to pool funds and brands to support our athletes on the grassroots level, offering a different experience and look than what you’d ordinarily find. 

The colorful pixels you are visually ingesting are of the team "competing" in the Dirty Kanza 200 this past June in Emporia, Kansas. We, along with three thousand other cyclists, took on a full day on the bike (to say the least), gliding and grinding through the chalky dust of the rolling green flint hills. 

As you can see, the colorful juniper faux-Hawaiian pattern of the Topo Designs Tour Shirt was a vibrant contrast to the mass of Lycra jumpsuits that dominated the race visuals with their uninspiring fit and function.  With the cool breeze (pun intended) flowing through our open shirts, we watched the sun arc over us from sunrise to sunset, feeling like a hallucination at times. Or maybe I was looking at that juniper print riding in front of me a little too long. 

Look for Team Brooks Cool Breeze blowing through a gravel race near you! 

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