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MAP Pact

Maintain. Act. Protect.

The Topo Designs MAP Pact initiative is designed to ensure the simple concept to maintain, act, and protect our communities. Starting with who we are as employees and individuals, and how we choose to maintain our environment, we can act on responsible decisions with the materials we choose and the products we make. We want people to engage and improve their communities, natural places and spaces around where they live, so they can see an immediate change, and can easily recruit others to protect the important places on their maps.

Our Past Events

Hours to date: 161 hours

Events: 5

Colorado Marathon Aid Station

Where: Fort Collins, CO

Hours Donated: 12 hrs (5 employees)

The great outdoors not your thing? No worries, we also want people to volunteer for things near and dear to their heart (like running a marathon). It made for an early morning, but being the first aide station in the fastest marathon in the US had us all guessing when we would see the first runner. At 2.5 miles in, he passed us just 12 minutes after the start.

Hermit Park Cabin Spring Cleaning

Where: Estes Park, CO

Hours Donated: 44 hrs (11 employees)

We teamed up with Larimer County to help clean up the cabins in Hermit Park prior to opening for the season. Located right at the base of the Rocky Mountains, the view of ponderosa pines and wetland meadows while cleaning windows, scrubbing walls and airing out the cabins for the season, ensured we'd all make future plans to vacation in this wonderful place.

Pineridge Natural Area Trail Maintenance

Where: Fort Collins, CO

Hours Donated: 37 hrs (15 employees)

Fort Collins is near and dear to our heart, and where our second headquarters and a retail shop is located. Many morning runs and noon lunches are spent on the trails. We constructed ditch work in an area close to the parking lots that got damaged by rain, and also shuttled sand and gravel to strengthen the trails through Dixon Woods.

Betasso Preserve​ Duff Raking

Where: Boulder, CO

Hours Donated: 40 hrs (10 employees)

We focused on a well-known running and biking trail system above Boulder (where one of our retail shops is located). We helped move the forest debris (old branches, pine needles and leaves) from some of the oldest trees, to help reduce the risk of wildfires, while enhancing the resiliency of this forest.

S. Platte River Cleanup Project

Where: Denver, CO

Hours Donated: 28 hrs (14 employees)

At our first MAP Pact event, we partnered with Denver's Parks and Recreation Office to volunteer to do some work (weeding, trimming, planting) in the public gardens along the S. Platte River.

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