Topo DNA: The Global Collection

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Topo DNA: The Global Collection

Travel: it’s been part of our DNA since Day One.

Whether we’re traveling to work, traveling to our neighborhood fishing hole, or traveling to Paris, we’re outside at some point, and we encounter a lot of the same pain points. Too many things to have at-the-ready and not enough hands. Too many wrinkles in our clothes and not enough weather protection. Too many contingencies to plan for and not enough space.

Our Global Collection solves for all of these, and it doesn’t care if you’re on your way to the grocery store or the Great Wall. In this edition of Topo DNA, we’ll take you behind the design decisions that make our Global Collection truly, global.

Clean lines

No one wants their “traveler” status to be obvious at their destination or feel like an evil version of themselves while they’re abroad. And if we’re going to expand our idea of travel to make it inclusive of anytime you’re bringing yourself and your gear from Point A to Point B, then we’re going to have to design your on-the-go gear with the same aesthetic as your around-town gear.

So we kept the clean lines, the updated fits, and classic colors so you can be you, wherever you are.

Packs down small

We wanted it to be easy for you to add and remove layers to your travel kit without requiring a whole new bag. So everything—even our Global Jackets—is designed with space-saving in mind.

PackFast™ Bands and Clips

Our goal with the Global Collection was to account for your holistic travel experience: including packing, on-the-go, and at your destination. That’s why we made the PackFast™ Packing System completely modular and infinitely customizable.

PackFast™ Bands and Clips make it so your apparel fits neatly in your Pack Bags, which are designed to fit neatly in your Global Travel Bag, which is designed to attach to your Daypack or Global Briefcase. Boom. Tidy, hands-free travel (Shout out to anyone who thought it was a good idea to grab a hot cup of coffee right before you boarded).

Secure closure

We gave you lots of pockets with secure closures on both packs and apparel. (But not so many that you can’t remember where you’ve stashed anything.)

On our Global Travel Bags, you can find small red tabs at the ends of some of the zippers. Threading the zipper through those tabs makes it hard to open, or too hard for someone trying to make a quick getaway. Our Global Shirts, Pants, and Jackets all include pockets that zip so your stuff won’t come out by accident or by someone with quick fingers.

Weather protection

Global Collection bags are highly water-resistant and apparel is always UPF-rated, quick-dry, and water-repellent.

You protection

You need your clothes to last for multiple days if you’re going to travel unencumbered, so we use fabrics that don’t hold wrinkles and have antimicrobial properties. We also incorporate stretch, articulated knees, and a gusseted crotch where applicable to keep you comfortable while on the move.

The New Outdoor™ of Travel

We’re an outdoor brand. We make outdoor gear. So when we sit down to design a travel collection, travel is never the only use case.

The Global Collection works well with your outdoor pursuits so you can use the same products once you arrive at the bike/fish/climb/etc destination of your dreams. Those same features that give you free range of movement for comfort and keep you protected from sun, wind, and rain while traveling serve you while you’re getting after it, too.

Where possible, we incorporate recycled materials and—like the rest of our gear—we always design with durability in mind.

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