Topo DNA: Heritage Canvas Collection

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Topo DNA: Heritage Canvas Collection

Our Heritage Canvas Collection - much like the Dirt Collection is to sustainability - is an homage to our roots. Five of our most classic silhouettes, virtually unchanged since we first designed them, with a few upgrades to showcase what happens when you take the idea of Heritage as far as it can go... and then apply that to every last design detail.

In this edition of Topo DNA, we’ll take you behind the design decisions that make our Heritage Canvas Collection what it is.

A Connection to Our (shared) Past

If this isn’t your first Topo DNA, you may recall that a connection to the past is actually in the DNA of all of our products. But with the Heritage Canvas Collection, that connection is more immediate, more visible, and multi-layered.

Each silhouette has a rich design history, often going back many decades. And each also has a connection to our beginnings as people and as a brand. These are the products that gave us our start. These are the products most inspired by the gear our founders grew up using. For us, creating this collection wasn’t just good business practice. It was also loyalty to the customers responsible for our early success, loyalty to our personal pasts, and loyalty to the design history that inspires us.

Iconic Silhouettes

Iconic: because you and the generations before you made them that way. We chose these silhouettes because they’ve withstood the test of time and yet are still relevant today. Durability isn’t just about construction, materials and a robust repairs program. It’s also about timelessness.

Classic Colors

Rich, deep, earthy hues pulled from the past that balance out the brighter, sportier colors in our line and make them easier to wear. Colors that are as classic as the products themselves, to avoid time-stamping them. Think of the muted oranges and browns of the 70s, the neon colors of the 80s, and the primary colors of the 90s.

Fabrics with a Sense of Place

Each style is built with fabrics authentic to the original article. We chose Horween® leather as the premier tannery in the U.S., they’re high-quality, extremely durable, and close by.

Metal Zippers and Hardware

For that extra bit of classic styling. We take zippers very seriously.

Utilitarian Simplicity

Simple, ultra-functional designs allow these pieces to move easily through different environments and use cases, never pigeon-holed. It means their construction is stronger, and the production process wastes less. Because they’re simple, they’re easily customizable. And they’ll outlast the latest technology.

Made in the USA

The Heritage Canvas Collection is proudly made in the Colorado factory we’ve used for our packs since the very beginning. It’s one more way for us to honor the heritage unique to our home state.

The Heritage Canvas Collection celebrates our approach to classic design. They’re our most classic silhouettes, as you’ve never seen them before and yet as you’ve always seen them.