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Shakey Graves x Topo Designs

The songs of Austin-based musician (and, as we learned, sock enthusiast) Shakey Graves are often playing at Topo Designs HQ. We were really excited when we were able to get in touch with him and ask a few questions about life on the road. He also curated an exclusive playlist for us. Spanning many genres and eras, the songs he picked will make you want to move, relax and sing along, all at the same time.

Danny Clinch

What are 3 things you always have with you on the road?

A trusty knife, socks, and my dog Bill.

How do you pack for touring? Any travel hacks?

Your “sock-to" ratio is usually always wrong, I often pack as though I will be wearing two pairs of panties a day with no shoes. This is wrong. Socks, socks, socks. Little known fact though: if you truly pack too many socks they can be tied together to make scarves, gloves, and in a literal pinch…underwear.

What’s one thing you miss about being home when you’re on tour?

An everlasting abundance of socks.

Favorite place you’ve traveled?

The township-level district of Datang in the city of Zhuji in Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of China, a place that is known as Sock City. The town currently produces 8 billion pairs of socks each year, a third of the world's sock production, effectively creating two pairs of socks for every person on the planet in 2011.

Author/artist/musician that has influenced you the most?


Check out Shakey Graves’ favorite tunes and favorite gear (yes, socks made the list).

Shakey Graves' Picks

Shakey Graves Picks