Topo Designs X Kammok Collaboration Kit

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Topo Designs X Kammok Collaboration Kit

Topo Designs strives to partner with brands we admire and use in our daily lives—that is why we chose to partner with our friends at Kammok. With a shared vision of getting people outside, we have worked together to develop a collaboration package that makes it easy to get out with everything you need. This limited run package includes the Kammok Roo™ Double Hammock, featuring a custom Topo Designs color palette, and tree hugging Kammok Python Straps™.

The Kammok Roo is designed to provide superior comfort and an easy repacking experience. This hammock is tear resistant, incredibly comfortable, and built to last a lifetime. The addition of the Kammok Python Straps are equipped with daisy-chain suspension that add a combined length of 20 ft. and are versatile, adjustable and tree-friendly.

Kammok Python Straps included!

Check it out here.