Topo Designs - Packing Tips for Spring Trips

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Topo Designs - Packing Tips for Spring Trips

Lucky enough to enjoy a week off for Spring Break this year? Have you already programmed your “out of office” reply? Either way, we’ve all got the itch this time of year to pack up and get out—whether it’s a quick weekend trip to the lake or an all-out, 10-day European adventure. We’ve put together three packing lists, complete with bags to carry it all to help ease the rigors of travel, near or far.

"The Weekender" (Light and quick)

Being limited to only a day or two doesn’t mean you’re limited to possibilities. It can be a new mountain town you haven’t had time to peruse, or a quiet seaside village along the coast. This minimal packing list lets you take everything on-the-go without sacrificing comfort or style. Keep it all on-hand and organized with our Y-Pack.

Gear pictured: Western Shirt - Plaid, Mountain Polo, Original Logo Tee, Map Tee, Snap Wallet, Accessory Bag, Dopp Kit, Tech Pants.

"The Extended Weekend Away" (Organized with everything)

You've got your flights booked or your road trip mapped out. You don't need to bring your entire closet, but a single backpack won't quite do. For mid-range trips, efficiency is still key to avoid extra baggage fees or digging through an overpacked duffel to get to the stuff you actually need. Our Travel Bag is the mastermind of organized travel.

Gear pictured: Mountain Jacket, Tech Pants, Miir Water Bottle, Nylon Camp Hat, Mountain Fleece, Climb Pants, Western Shirt - Plaid, Work Shirt - Heavyweight, Pack Bag, Rover Pack, Dopp Kit, Map Tee, Accessory Bag

"The Overseas Excursion" (Everything you need to travel in style)

When your passport is calling out for a new international stamp, it’s time to bring out the big hauler. Planning and packing for a longer trek can be the most challenging but in the end, also the most rewarding. To make sure you aren’t left out to dry (literally- don’t forget an Anorak) but also aren’t that sad traveler hauling a giant rolling suitcase through the cobblestone streets of Zurich, use this packing list to fill up our Mountain Duffel and get on your way.

What you'll need: Mountain Tee, Tech Pants, Cosmos Tee, Baseball Tee, Mountain Fleece, Climb Pants, Western Shirt - Plaid, Heavyweight Pocket Tee, Original Logo Tee, Long Sleeve Tech Tee, Mountain Pants, Western Shirt - Geo, Work Shirt - Heavyweight, Anorak, Mini Map Hat

Keeping it organized: Accessory Bag, Snap Wallet, Pack Bag, Dopp Kit, Quick Pack, Mountain Duffel, Daypack