Staff Picks: Best Holiday Gifts for 2021

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Staff Picks: Best Holiday Gifts for 2021

Wow, is it already that time of year again? The leaves are falling, the temperatures are dropping, and the holiday gift guides are landing in your inbox. Not to miss out on the fun, we asked a handful of our crew what they’d be gifting for the 2021 holiday season.

Here’s what they recommend:

Mark, Founder/CEO: The Dirt Collection

“For gifting, it’s the easiest crowd pleaser. Great material for anytime of year and great for people with varying interests... perfect for climbing/hiking/outdoors stuff and also can be worn to an office job.”

And he wasn’t alone; about a quarter of our staff recommended Dirt. As our Warehouse Manager and greatest Dirt Evangelist says, “The Dirt Collection is the perfect balance of comfort, durability, and utility. I can comfortably and appropriately wear this line for 90%+ of my life. Work, fun, social, casual, lounge, whatever.”

Katriel Pritts, Graphic Designer: The Heritage Canvas Collection or Mini Quick Pack Canvas

“They look stunning and so buttoned up for that person who just landed a new job, is just getting out there in the job realm, or returning to work after COVID and a refresher would make them feel awesome. People might not buy them for themselves even if they want them, but as a gift they are WOW and make you look good/feel good using them as a daily carry or around town.”

Kate Van Ness, HR: Classic Duffel Mini or Mini Quick Pack

“Both of these bags are super useful day-to-day. The Classic Duffel Mini holds more than you think (including a 32 oz water bottle!) with tons of extra room. The Mini Quick Pack is great as a fanny pack around the waist or over the shoulder. I have given both of these packs as gifts many times over to friends and family.”

Jake Gonsalves, Receiving Specialist: Global Sweater

“Or anything from the GlobalWool Collection because it's a tried and true material that works wet or dry and packs down small when you’re traveling. It also can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. And it looks good on everyone.”

John Taylor, Senior Graphic Designer: Watch Cap, Town Socks, Accessory Bags

“I think there are universal products that work well for everyone and beanies, socks, and accessory bags are those products. For such small items, they get a surprising amount of enthusiasm from my friends and family who already have them.”

Leslie Wicks, eCommerce Manager: Mountain Shirt Jacket

“Topo plaids stand out from the crowd and have a way of looking both vintage, like something you inherited from your grandpa, while totally fresh & unique at the same time. I love the heavy weight of the Mountain Shirt Jacket and know it will be the one gift my special man friend doesn't return after Christmas.”

The Mountain Shirt Jacket was our second most recommended product after the Dirt Collection. Rose from our Customer Experience team added, “I love the oversized look, the cotton material and the colors!”

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Staff Gift Picks

Staff Gift Picks