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Nicole Atkins x Topo Designs

Nashville-based artist Nicole Atkins has more groove than most. Not only does her own music “transport her listeners to a more charmed time and space,” but this eclectic and funky mix she threw together for us speaks volumes about her influences and mentors along the way. She originally titled the playlist “Outta my head for Topo” — now that’s a great start.

Photo by Tracy Allison

Hit ‘play’ and let the next hour and 42 minutes bump and move you through whatever you’re doing. Also check out Nicole’s new album “Italian Ice”, recorded at the legendary Muscle Shoals Sound with help from members of Spoon, My Morning Jacket, The Avett Brothers, Alabama Shakes, The Dap Kings and many more. If we haven’t grabbed your attention yet…

We caught up with Nicole (both a musician and visual artist), recently to get some details about life on the road and some of those influences we mentioned earlier.

What are 3 things you always have with you on the road?

  • Sketchbook
  • assortment of good pens and inks
  • good noise cancelling headphones

Art by Nicole Atkins

How do you pack for touring? Any travel hacks?

I try to pack as light as possible but it’s not always easy if it’s a long tour. I like to roll my clothes, use packing cubes to keep organized and I put my art supplies in my shoes and boots. I usually just roll with a carryon roller and a backpack that can fit on the handle.

What’s one thing you miss about being home when you’re on tour?

I miss hanging out with my husband on our porch.

Favorite place you’ve traveled?

Gosh so many, off the top of my head, driving through the whole of Sweden is up there.

Author/artist/musician that has influenced you the most?

  • Author - Kerouac “the Dharma Bums” Gave me the desire to travel.
  • Artist - Ralph Steadman- made me wanna get messy and combine color and strong black ink lines.
  • Musician - Roy Orbison, made me want to write songs that I could sing to make me feel like I was living in a dream.

Check out Nicole Atkins' favorite tunes.

Nicole Atkins' Picks

Nicole Atkins Picks