Meet Ambassador KC Badger

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Meet Ambassador KC Badger

Within moments of interacting with KC Badger, you realize he’s the sort of person who forges his own path, and always has. He’s direct, honest, and real the way you might expect someone who’s made a profession out of counterculture would be. And he’s one heck of an angler, fine artist, agency creative, and of course, BMXer.

If you know how much we prize authenticity, you’ll understand why we thought KC would be the perfect person to represent us as part of The New Outdoor™. Keep reading for a small taste of what we mean.

Hi, I’m KC. I’m a 39 year-old ex-professional BMX rider who now spends most of my days traveling the West with my wife Kayla, and cattle dog Juniper, trying to hold onto the four tricks I can still do on the bike, chase any fish that I can convince to eat some feathers that I’ve tied to a hook, or drawing and painting those fish.

My friends joke that I’m “mediocre at everything”. I’ve been lucky enough to turn that skill into a job at a small creative agency where I do everything from storyboarding, trophy design, graphic design, line producing, and/or running a camera, depending on what lands in the email box that day.

From a young age, I’ve found that doing the things you’re passionate about and make you happy far outweighs chasing the mighty dollar. I live my life based around having fun, experiencing new places, doing the things I love, and meeting new friends who share the same passions as I do.

I’m also not scared to speak up for keeping our public spaces and wildlife free and healthy. I think it’s critical that more and more people understand how and why we should continue to fight for them, and how to recreate responsibly within them, so we can enjoy them for generations to come.

The New Outdoor to me is something that aligns perfectly to what I’m all about: everyone having fun doing what they love, OUTSIDE. No egos, just smiles. And gear that looks just as good as it functions from the skatepark to the river.

I’ve been friends with Topo Designs for the better part of ten years now. To me, they encompass everything as a brand that I strive to be as a person. They’re passionate about the outdoors and the people that use them, versatile, fun, and simple. And most importantly: they have the ability to not take themselves so seriously, while still knowing how to be serious when it matters.

It’s an honor to continue my partnership with Topo and I’m seriously excited to see what the future holds.

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For rad art, BMX tricks, and gorgeous catch after gorgeous catch, follow KC on Instagram at @kcbadger.

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