How To Choose Your Climbing Pants

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How To Choose Your Climbing Pants

Looking for a pair of pants to climb in but not sure which ones to get? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a handy guide to help you decide, put together by the climbers on our team just for you.

Featured Pants include Women's Lightweight Tech Pants, Men’s and Women’s Boulder Pants, Men’s and Women’s Dirt Pants, Men’s Global Pants, and Men’s Dual Pants.

Women’s Lightweight Tech Pants

  • Fit: Relaxed, high-waisted fit with articulated knees
  • Fabric: Eco-friendly 4-way mechanical stretch polyester with water-repellent finish
  • Best For: Gym climbing or warmer temps outside

"They’re my go-to gym pants. They’re not too hot, and dry quickly if you are sweaty. I’ve even done yoga in them. They’re good for climbing outside if it’s warm and you want leg protection. The only thing is they’re not as durable as our Boulder Pant. But they’re easier to move in than the Boulder Pants...they feel like nothing is on."

Men’s and Women’s Boulder Pants

  • Fit: Relaxed fit (W); Straight fit (M)
  • Fabric: 2-way stretch nylon with water-repellent finish
  • Best For: Outdoor climbs, stream-crossing or inclement weather

"The fabric is thicker than the Lightweight Tech Pants, has a little more "tooth" to it and is more abrasion-resistant. They've got plenty of stretch, although slightly less than the Lightweight Tech Pants. I like to wear them for outdoor climbing because they’re more durable, and they dry quickly in case you have to cross a river. Because they’re thicker, they get a little hot inside sometimes. Great for places like Vedauvoo, where the rock is super gnarly and you need more protection."

Men’s and Women’s Dirt Pants

  • Fit: Straight fit with articulated knees and gusseted crotch
  • Fabric: Midweight cotton stretch canvas
  • Best For: Indoor and outdoor climbs where comfort or looking put-together pre/post climb are a priority

"These are great for any kind of movement. It sort of feels like climbing in a more durable sweatpant. The cotton canvas is very abrasion-resistant but won’t dry quickly if that’s something you need to think about. It’s a comfy, relaxed fit, but there are adjustment points at the waist and ankles if you want them tighter. Good for when climbing isn’t the only activity on your schedule for the day because you won’t have to change out of them."

Men’s Global Pants

  • Fit: Straight fit
  • Fabric: Cotton/ nylon/ spandex
  • Best For: Longer climbs, looking very put-together pre/post climb

"Pretty stretchy and easy to climb in. They have zippered pockets which are good for not losing stuff, which is especially helpful if you’re on a longer climb. They’re slimmer and more streamlined than the Dirt Pant. They look like a completely normal pair of pants, so they’re even more undercover if you want a buttoned-up look before or after climbing."

Men’s Dual Pants

  • Fit: Straight fit with articulated knees
  • Fabric: Cotton/ nylon/ lycra/ 500D Cordura® nylon with water-repellent finish
  • Best For: Intense rock, colder temps, durability

"Our most bombproof and thickest pair of pants for climbing, conceptually designed with Vedauvoo in mind. The reinforcement panels on the knees and seat are made of Cordura® nylon, so they’ll be a little less stretchy than the other pants we have but will hold up to really intense rock well. They even have bar tacks (instead of the usual metal rivets) and other small details that reinforce the pants without creating hot spots if you’re climbing in them. A great option if you’re also looking for a good workwear pant or just have multiple activities that require heavy duty apparel. If durability is your biggest concern, these are your pants."

The Pants You Already Have

  • Fit: Unknown
  • Fabric: Unknown
  • Best For: Eco-friendliness

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