Meet #TeamTopo: Jordan Chek

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Meet #TeamTopo: Jordan Chek

What do you do for Topo?

I’m a Customer Experience Representative. To me that means I am a communication station that helps bridge the gap between the company and our community. I take pride in developing genuine relationships with our loyal customers. We wouldn’t all be able to do what we love if it weren’t for their support and it’s my job to support them, in return.

How did you find your way to Topo Designs?

Well back in 2016-2017, my (now) roommate Gina had discovered Topo through a friend of hers, who gave her a pair of OG Mountain Pants, circa 2016-2017. Which then led to Gina applying for a part-time job at the Flagship. When I had moved to Denver in July 2018 and needed a job Gina instantly recommended that I apply to work for Topo at the Flagship. So I did. And I got hired a couple weeks later.

After I started working for Topo, Gina then passed along these Mountain Pants to me! They’ve now become the Sisterhood of Traveling Topo Pants. This one pair of pants started all three of our connections to Topo Designs. And here I am, working for Topo Designs a year and a half later.

You get to talk to a lot of our customers. Any good stories for us?

The best stories are the stories customers share regarding their personal experiences on how Topo Designs as a brand and a community has impacted their lives. Whether that be a story about how a pair of our River Shorts got a customer through a rather problematic hiking trip or a customer showing appreciation for their interactions and with other Topo employees. Topo brings a community of people together in so many different ways.

You're a photographer, too. Can you tell us a little about that?

I find inspiration in many things, especially in other people and outdoor adventures. I find humans to be beautifully fascinating, multi-faceted beings - this human experience intrigues me. So, that’s what I like to capture - beauty of the human experience. Seeing beauty in others and trying to capture their authenticity and what makes them uniquely human, in that exact moment in time of their life. After that shot is taken, the subject and photographer will never get that exact moment back or be who they were in that exact moment again. But for both of us, the photo remains as a tangible memory. That is so powerful to me.

When travel is safe again, where's a place you'd like to go?

Banff National Park (Valley of the Ten Peaks), Jasper National Park, and the Brilliant Rhyolite Mountains in the highlands of Landmannalaugar, Iceland.

Go-to Topo Designs gear?

Tech Pants, Coveralls, Wind Jacket, Road Shirt, River Shorts, Sun Tee

Can you show us your EDC?

Of course.