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      Travel Bag

      To say we like to travel here at Topo would be a serious understatement. We're out and about every chance we get, so it only made sense that we would want a bag that would be welcome on all our adventures. We wanted a bag that would work for a trip that lasts couple days or a trip that lasts, well, forever. Our Travel bag is the antithesis of the usual ball and chain brick on wheels, its a run for the bus, jump on a plane, walk the globe, adventure traveler. We made it big enough to hold everything we needed but still compact enough to make sure it passed as a carry-on. A 3-sided zip front flap ensures quick and easy flat packing and the inner sleeves make organization a snap. The front zippered pocket has a laptop sleeve, and zippered pockets perfect for an iPad and phone or notebooks and pens. Two side pockets are perfect for water bottles or fly rods, and the front webbing and leather lash tabs allow for securing all kinds of gear to the outside. Best of all it works as a system with our Trip Pack by simply hooking the aluminum hooks on the Travel Bag to the integrated webbing loops on the Trip Pack. The hooks allow both bags to be carried at once and disassembled when you reach your destination.

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      Trip Pack

      Our Trip Pack was born out of the desire to have the perfect size bag for day trips while traveling, tucking necessities under the seat on a plane or just carrying a few things while tooling around town or on the trail. We gave it all the functionality of a daypack in a light, compact size that will keep all those excursion essentials and that unexpected Virginia is for Lovers tee handily stowed away. We included an external zippered pocket as well as an internal sleeve with zippered pocket that is the perfect size for an iPad or a travel journal. Best of all it works as a system with our Travel Bag by simply hooking the integrated webbing loops to the aluminum hooks on the front. The hooks allow both bags to be carried at once and disassembled when you reach your destination.

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      Pack Bags

      Let's face it, nobody looks forward to packing for a trip. There aren't any postcards of people posing in front of a pile of clothes with a headline saying "Wish You Were Here!" As much as we love to travel we never look forward to it either and that is why we decided to make it an easy, organized process with our Pack Bags. They give us the ability to keep like items together, compress them for more space and allow for quick, uncluttered access to specific things while on the road. We designed our Pack Bags to lay flat, zip wide open and stack neatly inside our. The inner mesh sleeve gives easy access to smaller items and keeps them from disappearing at the bottom of your luggage.

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      Laptop Sleeve

      We designed our padded laptop and iPad sleeves to be as simple and minimal as possible while still providing the protection and portability we wanted when hauling our tech gear around the globe. The sleeves feature an entirely padded body and a simple toggle and loop system at the top that keeps your device secure while still allowing quick in and out access. We added carry handles at the top so you can quickly grab the sleeve in and out of a bag or confidently stroll around the office without assuming that awkward under the armpit linebacker pose.

    • Kelly/Navy Accessory Bags from Topo Designs

      Accessory Bags

      You've got small gear right? USB cables, chargers, pens, notepads - and often all ending up at the bottom of your bag. Enter the Topo Accessory bag. The small size is perfect for the real necessities on the road. The medium size is great for wrangling power cables, chargers, and the like. The large size fits an iPad, or you can just stuff it with more gear.

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      Dopp Kit

      Giant shave kits don't make sense when packing light and you can't keep using that plastic bag. It's just embarassing. Enter the Topo Dopp Kit. The triangular shape allows it to sit upright on small hotel shelves and provides easy access to everything you need. The size is small enough for the travel light crowd but roomy enough to hold all you'd need to stay looking good on the road. The pack cloth lining is water resistant making cleaning a snap. Wrist strap makes it easy to carry - even when finding the shared restroom down the hall at night.